Jodie2Jodie Wiggins, a doctoral student in the Fox Lab coadvised by Fox and Lovern, graduated in July with a PhD. Jodie worked on the research of precocial sexual selection in the Collared Lizard, and produced an outstanding dissertation documenting that male hatdchlings with brighter Hatchling Orange Bars (HOB) postumously produced more offspring, those with greater HOB area had a greater posthumous chance of producing offspring at all, hatchling females significantly preferred to associate with male hatchlings with brighter HOB, and hatchling males with greater HOB area were more aggressive than their counterparts with less ornamentation. In short, all the elements of sexual selection, but in hatchlings, what we call Precocial Sexual Selection. Congratulations, Jodie!

Taylor Carlson croppedTaylor Carlson, a new Master's graduate student, has just joined the Fox Lab. She will carry out the study of the Ringed Salamander (Ambystoma annulatum) in Oklahoma. Taylor recieved her B.S. at Louisiana State University and helped last year as a technician on the project of precocial sexual selection in Crotaphytus collaris. Taylor will conduct surveys of appropriate habitat for A. annulatum in eastern Oklahoma for three years and survey both old sites where the species has been documented, as well as new sites indicated by GIS niche analysis to possibly harbor this interesting, ecologically cryptic, episodic, fall-breeding salamander. Welcome aboard, Taylor!

Improbable Destinies grad seminar 2018In April 2018 Fox et al. finished up a very successful graduate seminar reading and discussing the book "Improbable Destinies" by Jonathan Losos.  Great group!

Enrique graduation 2017Enrique Santoyo-Brito of the Fox lab graduates in December 2017. Felicidades Enrique! The title of his dissertation is "Group living, parental care, age structure, and genetic relatedness in Liolaemus leopardinus, a high-elevation lizard from the Andes of Chile"

2017   Santoyo-Brito, E., S. Fox, and M. Anderson. Incubation temperature modifies sex ratio of hatchlings in Collared Lizards, Crotaphytus collaris. Journal of Herpetology 51:197-201.